About JMID

Jana Magginetti, Interior Designer in San Fransico Bay area
Being an interior designer allows me to insert beauty into
people’s everyday lives. It is incredibly satisfying to facilitate
this and see the transformational results first hand – how
excellent design can positively impact my client’s lives,
physically and psychologically... more then they ever


JMID is a full-service interior design firm concentrating on residential and boutique commercial projects. JMID is known for sophisticated and elegant interiors that exude a well-edited and modern timeless sensibility, yet are balanced with comfort and warmth. Projects designed by JMID are as unique as each client and exemplify the client's personality through a collaborative design process with Jana and her team.


Jana's inspiration started with her mother, who embodied style, elegance, sincerity, creativity, and hospitality. . . teaching Jana the art of seeing beauty everywhere. Her flair encouraged Jana to explore design in many forms resulting in a lifelong love of art, fashion, architecture, and interior design. Years of study, experience in fashion retailing and design, and interior design, now converge in an award-winning firm.  



  • Initial space planning with two and three dimensional design concepts
  • Budget development, refinement, and project management
  • Collaboration with key partners on the preparation of construction documents including plans, elevations and specifications
  • Selection of overall design scheme including architectural features, finishes, fixtures, colors, materials and paint.
  • Ordering, tracking, inspection, delivery and installation of all furniture, furnishings, fixtures, fabrics and accessories
  • Partnering with industry professionals such as architects, contractors, and engineers
  • Coordinate with art consultants, professional organizers and others as needed
  • Sourcing and/or designing custom furniture, cabinetry, window treatments, lighting, artwork and accessories.